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Why We are Differentliam tracey

Liam Tracey is the CEO of Nightingales and has spent his whole career proving care to the elderly.

As an organisation, we have clear values and ideals, but what really matters is how they improve our clients’ lives on a day to day basis. It’s mine and my team’s job to make sure this happens.

Below is a comparison of what sets us apart from typical larger care providers.

Our Bespoke Care

  • We only have private clients who are the sole focus of our attention.
  • Low turnover of locally recruited staff who are culturally in tune with our clients and know both them and the area well.
  • Founder-employee owned with unrelenting attention to quality.
  • We offer a bespoke service built around each client’s individual needs.
  • Our clients personally approve a small team of carers to look after them.
  • We focus on both the physical and socialneeds of our clients.

Typical Larger Providers

  • Private clients often come second place to block contract committments.
  • High staff turnover, often recruited abroad, make communications and building relationships difficult.
  • Typically corporate owned with unrelenting focus on profits.
  • Service often limited by the availability of staff with little knowledge of clients.
  • Clients seldom see the same carer twice, and who are often rushed.
  • More institutional approach to care with little time for anything but the basics.