Dementia: Techniques to improve the standard of living

Dementia: Techniques to improve the standard of living

Sadly, the reality of dementia is one many people face every day.

Here at Nightingales, we are more aware than most of the impact this can have on the day-to-day lives of the elderly. We have clients who suffer with dementia and consider one of our key duties to be providing support to them.

This can be done in a number of ways and the intention of this blog is to give some ideas to those who have loved ones living with dementia. Hopefully, by sharing some of our techniques, you will be able to improve the standard of living for your friend or family member.

Musical Bingo

Initially, one of the best and most enjoyable methods we have found is Musical Bingo. This is a game that gives players the chance for reminiscing through music. We play a section of a song from a bygone era, which often triggers memories and give a sense of nostalgia. This has jogged our clients’ memories in the past and can lead to hours of conversation as they remember where they would listen to these songs in their youth.

Game-show quiz format

A similar game involved asking questions to our clients in a kind of game-show quiz format. Whether we ask where their husband took them on their first date, how old they were when they first had children or what their favourite singer was growing up, each is helpful in providing a platform for memories to be shared.

It is important with each of these, however, that no pressure is put on the individual. This should be fun and it can often take an hour or two for somebody to arrive at an answer. This isn’t a problem as it is a game designed to last the afternoon; all that matters is everybody has fun and, hopefully, you end up with a room full of happy memories.


Music is a great way to jog the memory and sometimes people will find it easier than simply trying to recall facts or occasions; music can transport people back in time without them even realising it. We try to devote a few afternoons each week to this kind of activity because while it helps people with dementia, it’s equally as fun and enjoyable for people who do not suffer from it.

We are always keen to help and support our clients who struggle with this so if you have any questions or would like some more advice on things that can be done to help ease the strain of dementia, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Call Nightingales HomeCare on 0800 612 9132.

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