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How do you make decisions about home care in a post COVID-19 world?

Choosing Home Care in times of COVID-19.

Choosing a home care provider is always a unique and personal decision. There’s the all-important chemistry – will you get on? And, of course, their process and hygiene standards must be impeccable. COVID-19 has made this second hygiene category absolutely critical. Nothing is risk free, particularly at the moment, but by asking a few careful and considered questions you can significantly mitigate your risk.


Trust your instincts

What’s your first impression of the company and their team?

Humans are social beings with a highly evolved sense of when other people are genuine. This is obviously not an exact science, but if you and your relatives feel positive, it’s a good start.

Do they have a low turnover of staff?

A low staff turnover is good for lots of reasons.

Building rewarding care relationships depends on consistency and time. But with COVID-19, high staff turnover or use of short-term agency staff is even more significant. It inevitably increases outside contacts, increasing the potential for infection.

Is what you see what you get?

Are they a business or a booking agency?

Some home care providers are little more than booking agencies for freelance carers. Though the care they offer may be good, the nature of their business model can mean a lack of continuity in carer relationships. This can lead to the same problems as high staff turnover. 

How do they check their cleanliness standards?

Cleanliness helps prevent transmission.

Specifically ask what cleanliness routines they perform before and after visiting your home? And how do they ensure the routines are followed?

Are they well established, clear about their billing and solvent?

Trying to cut costs can lead to cutting corners. Financial security also means the care provider can be stricter in enforcing standards, thereby minimising COVID-19 risk. And don’t forget, home care can be a significant investment, so don’t be shy of asking about the numbers. Are they transparent about their charges and what is included?


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