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Convalescent and
Respite care

Is convalescent care for me?

This is our full care service to support you during periods of critical illness, or after leaving hospital. You will be watched over, supported and attended to at all hours of the day and night by one of our empathetic and experienced carers. This is not a sleepover service; our carers will be awake at all times to offer you the maximum support.

Our service can include visiting you in hospital to make a full assessment of your needs, arranging to pick you up from hospital to take you back to your house, which we will have fully prepared in advance.

Who will help me during convalescence?

You will be looked after by a team of fully trained carers who will be rotated on regular shifts to ensure they are alert to fully support you both day and night, for as long as you need to recover.

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Is respite care for me?

Our respite care service is mainly used when you need extra support.

The level of support people need during respite varies from companionship through to full 24 hour support. We can help you work out your exact requirement at our free assessment.

Who will help?

Whatever level of respite support you need we will make sure you have the appropriate level of care from our highly experienced team.

Why choose us?

How much do convalescent and respite care cost?

You have the reassurance of knowing the price will be fixed and agreed in advance.

What people say about our 24/7 respite care

Choosing the right service is important

Free assessment

We offer a free assessment service where we will come to your home and discuss your exact needs with you and your relatives if you wish, and answer any questions you may have. To arrange your free, unpressured and totally without obligation assessment simply call 0800 612 9132.

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